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Orchards with flatroof shade netting and windbreaks

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Name Size Structure
Joubert & Seuns 167 hectares Flat roof std / Funnel
Schoonbee Landgoed 142 hectares Flat roof std / Slotted
JP Landgoed 128 hectares - - -
HN Pieterse Boerdery 96 hectares Shock cord
Lusgrow Namoneng 78 hectares Flat roof / Funnel
Glencoe Estate 68.6 hectares Flat roof std
Rederberg 59.1 hectares Flat roof / Slotted
Zalo Beleggings 58 hectares Flat roof / Funnel
Sand River Estate 44.3 hectares Flat roof std
Ambrosia 39.1 hectares Blue Berry Flat roof
Bella Vista Estates 24 hectares Flat roof std
Alicedale Cherries 13.9 hectares Sloped Netting Cherry
Burger Boerdery 10 hectares Flat roof / Funnel
Unifrutti Blyde Farms 4 hectares Flat roof std
Soleil Caskett Nursery 1.7 hectares Flat roof std
Other Installations 49 hectares - - -

Netting Structures

We supply all types of shade netting structures, such as hail nets and slotted nets to flat roofs and windbreaks.

Hail net funnels

Hail Net Funnels

Slotted nets

Slotted Nets



Flat roof


Shock cord

Shock Cords / Elastic Rope


Repairs & Maintenance

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